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Two words

Fuckin Awesome, this is the first thing in a long time I have seen a flash this good. Keep up the good work.

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kojay responds:

thanks for the kind words

It was ok

To all of you ignorant people saying he spelt marijuana wrong. You are wrong because that is actually another way to spell it that came about in the early 1900's(I believe) when marijuana was being outlawed so what they did was use marihuana(the mexican word for marijuana) in anti-weed propaganda

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PFRA responds:

Thanks man!, really I took this polemic word for the title because "Marihuana" is more similar to Mahora than Marijuana.


I am so listening to this next time I get high.

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Needs a little bit more.

Good job. I liked your graphics and stuff but at the end you misspelled replay and put reply. I did think this was pretty good and had potential but usually parodies are funny. There really wasn't any humor put in unless you count him shooting the guy humor.

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I liked it

I though it was pretty good but I think it would be funnier if the fish were Kyle, Lyle, and Todd and they just kept going after each other and hitting one another. Either way though it is pretty good

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neonfox3 responds:

the fish reflect on Kyle, Lyle, and Todd's personality. they're gonna buy them in that episode.

Good job

Good job for a stick movie. I thought the part where he was gonna stab the guy and ended up cocking the gun with the knife was funny. I am sick for finding that funny? Anyways good job!

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The drawing of the woman was done very well but you should have the story in the flash and get rid of the static:). DAMN YOU now I'm hard

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Sir-CannabisClock responds:

I added the story for a reviewer who said "there needs to be a story or something".

Above the influence, eh?

That was pretty bad. Not only was it boring and used stick figures, but it had a stupid message. One could be completely sober and get into a fatal car crash. The use of weed has nothing to do with that. I gained 0 knowledge watching that. In fact, I think I lost a few braincells just watching that crap.


"Besides the fact that marijuana kills brain cells, and makes people act like idiots, I guess it is harmless. -_-
Don't try to stereotype all anti-marijuana people as having never smoked it before, `kay thanks."

The last poster needs to get their facts straight. Marijuana does not kill brain cells. Alcohol kills brain cells. Marijuana works by "tickling" certain receptors in the brain. Any change in thinking or behavior from marijuana is only temporary. Unfortunately for you, being an idiot is permanent.
As for your stereotyping comment, it is quite obvious that you are anti-marijuana and have never smoked it before. Any good pot smoker knows all about their subject.

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that was funny. Marinize legaulana. Where was that song from and who sings it I like it.

Legalize it www.norml.org

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