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Beat it!

2009-08-15 19:42:44 by Sportsboy

Heather stay off my page dammit!


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2009-08-15 19:55:24

who the hell is heather? also she has to come on your page to read this so PM her.

Sportsboy responds:

heather is sensationalism. also sensationalism is a female not a male. spread the word.


2009-08-15 20:01:30

She cums all over his page. And is also sitting next to him, so there is no need for a PM.


2009-09-14 20:04:37

i herd she leiks tophats or sumfing leik thet.


2009-09-14 20:40:25

i heard sinitech commented on this newpost but don't tell him he doesn't know!!