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What the hell is going on?

2007-08-01 02:49:17 by Sportsboy

Ok this is kinda annoying me off today when I went on ng earlier and it was messing up so I thought ok I guess I'll just go on later. Since it keeps happenin and won't stop I don't think it is my computer is anyone else having problems like this. Here is what the screen looks like to me when I go on here.

What the hell is going on?


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2007-08-04 02:28:37

Weird. I haven't seen that page. Hhaha. Also,


2009-01-22 01:54:26

I c u hav interwebz ecksploaror... git firefoax har har har.
Now in all seriousness, this sometimes happens when your connection takes too much time downloading the page, so an easier to download page pops up instead. Or that's what I guessed from my experience with it.

Sportsboy responds:

I have firefox now and haven't seen the above image since. :)